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|Strategic Community Management|

The challenge: Foundations, universities and other not-for-profits maintain large communities of high-profile personalities and alumni. But they are often just a community in name and lack a real "glue" that binds them together. Without strategic community management, those communities will never realize their full potential and develop into vital, self-sustained networks of leaders and changemakers.

Our solution: Our network analysis reveals an objective status quo of the social interactions within the community and the #networkglue that is critical for successful communities. It shows you the influencers and networkers in the community who can serve as multipliers for your messages. Furthermore, our network analysis can also be embedded in an evaluation strategy to monitor the success of your community management over time. This way, Between|.|ness helps you to target your resources efficiently and develop your community into a self-sustaining platform of exchange and collaboration.

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|Facilitating Post-Merger Integration|

The challenge: A merger between two companies – often competitors – is highly complex and risky. Making one cohesive organization out of two is the most underestimated challenge of post-merger integration and a main reason for failed M&As. It is not as easy as setting up new rulebooks and hoping for the best: organizations need a process of understanding organizational cultures and fostering connections within the formal and informal networks that can drive change.

Our solution: Between|.|ness helps you improve and accelerate your post-merger integration by better managing the formal and informal networks in your organization. We uncover connections, information flows and the glue that connects the people in your new organization. We can also establish benchmarks to determine how well integration moves along. Our analysis is rigorous and fast and we work with companies of any size and complexity.

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|Smart Benchmarks for Innovation Networks|

The challenge: Firms and not-for-profit organizations increasingly rely on innovation hubs or clusters to develop new products and services. In theory, they bring experts from different fields together, seeking to foster a free flow of information and ideas so that innovation can emerge. In practice, many innovation networks lack smart benchmarks that can be used to show whether effective and efficient collaboration is achieved, and lose their initial support because the lack of such data prevents strategic innovation management.

Our solution: Between|.|ness helps you monitor and benchmark the level and quality of information-sharing as well as the collaborative culture of your innovation networks. Based on rigorous data, we advise you on setting strategic priorities and effectively managing innovation networks. Smart benchmarks further allow for before-after comparisons of interventions.

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|Stakeholder Mapping and Market Intelligence|

The challenge: Companies are embedded in a complex web of stakeholders, made up of customers, suppliers, media, competitors, regulators, and others. Understanding and interpreting these networks of different stakeholders has become an essential precondition for efficient business processes and for identifying new opportunities or challenges. Yet, conventional tools for stakeholder analysis are often biased and too static to capture the full range of stakeholders and the connections among them.

The solution: Between|.|ness helps you understand and take advantage of your company’s social environment. Knowing the social network map of your organization’s environment enables you to direct targeted messages to select audiences and focus your resources on the parts of the network that are the most relevant. Our stakeholder network analysis is also an evaluation tool which allows you to monitor the success of your communication strategy.

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|Workshop: Applied Organizational Network Analysis|

This intensive two-day workshop provides an introduction to social network analysis and Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and enables business consultants, change managers, HR leaders, data analysts, and others with an interest in improving organizational performance to (a) understand the potential of ONA for organizational development and (b) roll-out a basic network analysis in their own organization or oversee larger analyses.

The interactive workshop focuses on discovering the challenges that can be addressed through Organizational Network Analysis. Participants will learn the potential of ONA for solving collaboration and innovation problems in organizations. The workshop also covers good practices in ONA roll-out, data ethics, survey design, data management, software-aided network analysis, and interpreting survey results.

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