Between|.|ness Organisationsberatung

Between|.|ness Organisationsberatung


Analyzing and strengthening networks

As organizational consultant with a special focus on network analysis and network organizations, my advisory services in this area include:

  • Conducting simple to complex network analyses
  • Identifying key actors within the network and identifying the “network glue“ that holds the network together
  • Providing recommendations for building, shaping and strengthening networks
  • Facilitating shifts toward network-oriented structures

I analyze your networks, comprising individuals or organizations, to reveal connections, show how intensively a network is used, assess connection strength, delve into the underlying ties between network members, and propose methods for enhancing interactions within the network. The methodology of doing so is rooted in social network analysis, smartly combined with other methods to gain insights into network participants and their diverse motivations fosr engaging in the network. This approach proves particularly useful when evaluating grant programs aimed at nurturing personal connections, refining alumni networks, or establishing associations or clusters of organizations.

Beyond providing in-depth network analysis, I will assist your organization’s pathway towards a network organization. I will offer new perspectives on your organization and provide innovative ideas on organizational change. I help to better understand the different interests of the individual stakeholders and to navigate through well-rehearsed roles, processes and power interests, showing effective ways of managing these different aspects when shifting to a network organization.

Measuring and increasing impact

Creating a meaningful impact is a vital goal for both foundations and non-profit organizations. Equally important is understanding the nature of that impact. My advisory work is dedicated to providing insights into measuring impact, assessing accomplishments stemming from project funding, and devising strategies for amplifying the influence of foundations and non-profits. My services include:

  • Expert guidance on theory of change and impact assessment
  • Crafting Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems
  • Independent project evaluations
  • External evaluation support (e.g. quality assurance)
  • Advising on the conception of funding programs

When conducting evaluations, the impact assessment methodology of choice is based on a proven and established framework. We start by jointly defining the scope of the impact analysis, establishing the foundation for the assessment. Next, I utilize a “Theory of Change” framework to outline the expected impact progression, tracing the cause-and-effect links between actions and outcomes. With the theoretical framework set, what follows is a carefully selection of indicators and measurement tools to evaluate how actions align with the envisioned theory of change. Data collection comes next, allowing to examine the extent of this alignment. After data collection, I undertake a comprehensive impact analysis involving cross-referencing, triangulation, and comparison of relevant information, offering a holistic understanding. The analysis considers both drivers and potential barriers of impact and leads to actionable recommendations to boost impact.