Between|.|ness Organisationsberatung

Between|.|ness Organisationsberatung


“I have a passion for analyzing organizations and for finding solutions to different collaboration challenges. I am convinced that our evaluation tools – including organizational network analysis – provide the right information to help our partners transform their organization.”

Dr. Alexander Gaus

I lead the Steinbeis Consulting Center Collaboration and Organizational Network Analysis. My knowledge on network analysis and collaboration comes from being part of a research group at the University of Potsdam that focuses on complex problems and how organizations can react to them.

My practical experience comes from working at the Global Public Policy Institute, a Berlin-based think tank. Here, I am working since 2010 with a range of organizations, including the European Commission, the German Federal Foreign Office, UNICEF, European NGOs and African think tanks. I facilitated dialogues, developed networks and supported cross-agency collaboration. Beyond this, I have many years of experience as a consultant on collaboration and network analysis working with clients mainly from the non-profit sector.

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