What is holding your organization back?

Between|.|ness helps organizations of all sizes and backgrounds to succeed in complex environments. We provide data-driven network analysis to help you become a more efficient and agile organization.

|1| Is your new teamwork approach working?

Many organizations have turned to a new model of decentralized decision-making through teams. We help you to replace old silos and implement and monitor new team structures based on data, not perceptions.

|2| Are your experts, innovators and knowledge hubs well-connected?

We apply modern network diagnostics to analyse and visualise how people are connected, how they interact and how they collabore within and across units. This helps your teams to work better.

|3| Do you make the best of the diversity and knowledge of your staff?

Innovation hinges on making the most of the diversity and knowledge of your staff. We map patterns of information exchange and critical communication among your staff to show you how to improve your knowledge management and make the most of your diverse workforce.

|4| Who incorporates your organisation’s values best and can help to spread them?

Knowing who your influencers are is crucial to the success of any change project or organizational redesign. Our analytics support you to tackle the array of organizational challenges related to this, be it change management, post M&A, new internal communication systems or changes in your human resource development.

How our Organizational Network Analysis can help you!

We use an innovative method called Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to map and diagnose social relations of all kinds in your organization.

ONA is a data-driven approach based on social network theory. The basic idea is that social relations of all kinds can be mapped and analyzed. The complicated backdrop is mathematical graph theory.

Who interacts with whom, why and how well? For a few people, this is easy to uncover through interviews. For organizations of 100 or more people, however, interviews are no choice. ONA is made for large numbers and for these purposes, no other approach offers the same rigor and depth of analysis in this area.

Depending on task, we also combine network analysis with a range of qualitative methods to get to the information that is relevant to you. This includes expert interviews, focus group discussions, moderated feedback sessions, strategy workshops and more.


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